you're reading about ravenwing, a small british recording studio with a flawless reputation in local music.

here's what we're about.


there are a lot of people doing what you want to do.

there are a lot of people who can't afford to get started.

you need a great recording of your music but you don't need massive studio costs.

maybe you've tried recording yourself and it's pretty good, but there's just something missing...

ravenwing will record and produce your demo, in exchange for the experience of doing it and a fee that amounts to a donation towards running costs (stuff breaks, it's not about profit).
that way you'll get onto the ladder and we'll get even better at it in the process.

you'll get two recording sessions over a weekend (total of 10 hours; usually enough for three songs). then we'll mix and produce for cd (takes about 10 hours for three songs).
we can also do small batch runs of between 10 and 300 cds including cd label and sleeve.

you'll end up with a professional product suitable for venue demo,
band-comp entry, or selling to fans. see the results page for some examples and talk to any of our previous clients for a reference.

we don't record just anyone. we have to like you to have you under the wing. that's the deal. it's a reputation thing.

close to bury st edmunds, suffolk, england.

yep, good instinct. read this

will it sound fantastic?
we're proud to boast a very high percentage of successful entry into local band competitions from ravenwing demo's.
from early 2004 we have recorded over 25 artists and in excess of 120 songs, ranging from death metal to single-vocal acoustic ballad, so you'll be benefiting from our wide and significant experience.
unless you have deep pockets for the larger studios, it will probably be the best you'll ever sound.
so yes, actually, it will sound fantastic.

crazy idea?
yeah probably...

have a look around.

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